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A. Our History

Child Welfare League Foundation (CWLF) commenced missing children service in 1992. Police departments were the only units providing this service before than. Thus, CWLF built a network of governmental authorities, nongovernmental organizations and parents of missing children, and set up Missing Children Searching Committee. The governmental authorities included community centers, household registration offices and departments of police, education and legal affairs.

Searching for missing children and teenagers is a very complicated issue, as it a crisis to both children and their parents. Therefore, Provincial Government established the Search Team for Missing Children in Taiwan, which integrated resources of different departments in 1997. Provincial Government and CWLF cooperated and set up Missing Children Data Resource Center in the following year. In the year of 2000, Children's Bureau, Ministry of the Interior started to co-operate the Center with CWLF due to the reinvention of government. This extensive network effectively raised the rate of successfully finding missing minors and prevented more families from losing their children.

From years of experience searching for children and teenagers, CWLF observed that this issue is not merely related individual families, but also to diverse social problems. Missing minors could be victims of trafficking, children without registered residence, run-away internet users or dropouts from schools. There is much that you and I can do for these missing and run-away minors.

B. Our Mission

  • Build a national database of missing and unidentified minors
  • Match the information of missing and unidentified minors with the data in the Center
  • Develop nationwide search network and reporting system
  • Counsel and support families of missing minors
  • Coordinate resources and assist minor and family to adjust when child is found
  • Study issues regarding missing minors and advocate for them
  • Provide consultation service regarding missing minors
  • Hold campaigns and seminars to enhance self-protection ability of minors and parenting skills of caregivers.

C. Our services

  • Search for missing children
  • Psychological support and counseling for family of missing minor
  • Service for minor and family when the child is found
  • Advocacy of child safety, run-away prevention and welfare of missing minors
  • Database management (data upload, management, matching and analysis) for missing and unidentified minors
  • Inquiry service regarding child welfare

D. Services for: Missing and run-away minors under 18 years old, and their families

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