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Promotion of child safety

Parents may not be able to accompany their children and provide 24 hours of protection every day. Children have to learn to protect themselves. The following are some general tips that all children have to keep in mind!

  • When there is danger, dial 110.
  • When I am in danger, I must scream elp?or wail to get attention.
  • When someone follows me, I have to go to police station or place with many people.
  • When I go outdoor, I must let my daddy and mommy know about it.
  • I have to remember the cell phone number of daddy mommy, as well as home number.
  • I must not take money, candy or toy from strangers.
  • I must not let other people touch my body or private part.
  • When I go to school or home, I will go with classmate or parents. I will never go alone.
  • When I am lost, I must go to policeman or people wearing uniform, or stay and wait for my parents.
  • When people are doing things that make me feel uncomfortable, I will summon up my courage and say o!?/li>

Promotion of teenager safety online

The Internet is an essential part of E-generation life. It is almost impossible to forbid children and teenagers from using computer and the Internet. Being parents, it becomes a challenge to protect children from the Internet addiction, fraud and dangerous strangers. Following is some tips that parents should keep in mind.

  • Learn more about the Internet, so you understand the pros and cons.
  • Pay attention to the use of the Internet of your child, including his or her frequently-visit websites, net pals, blogs and MSN accounts.
  • Teach your child about safety hazard online. Remind them of the importance of keeping his or her personal information confidential and being careful with people he or she meets on the Internet.
  • Communicate with your child nicely. Do not scold or insult your child. Respect is the key to establish a trust relationship.
  • Watch out for any abnormal sign of your child, such as extremely long use of the Internet or sudden increase of charge on phone bill.

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