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《Official Launch of Amber Alert System in Taiwan》

Coordinator of Missing Children Data Resource Center

Ms. Ivy HSU

In 2015, the number of missing children in Taiwan is as high as 7,882, with an average of 21 children missing per day.


One missing child was kidnapped in Canada in 2014, and the case was quickly solved because 4 young people posted the photo of the suspect on Facebook. Because of this, Facebook decided to make contribution to the society through the collaboration with countries all over the world, which is to set up an Amber Alert System throughout the country. What’s more, Facebook has been successfully collaborating with 8 countries up till now.


According to the latest statistics, Facebook revealed it now has 18 million monthly active users in the third quarter of 2016 (2016 July). The great amount of users in Taiwan suggests that Facebook is the most popular social network nationwide. Therefore, this is why Taiwan becomes one of the main countries that Facebook would like to promote the Amber Alert System.


Over the past 24 years, Missing Children Data Resource Center has been trying to develop various ways of locating children to help them gain more exposure. We believe the more people read the information, the greater chance the missing child will be located. Therefore, it is necessary to have long-term advocacy as well as working together with Facebook to promote the establishment of the Amber Alert System in Taiwan.


On November 18th 2016, Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) announced that they have officially collaborated with Facebook regarding to Amber Alert System program, Taiwan is the Ninth country that enables the function. In the future, if there is any underage child who has been kidnapped, or missing children who are under 7 and the case has been involved in criminal case, after acquiring the permission from the parents, Facebook will then issue an alert on user’s newsfeed. Facebook will publish the information including missing child’s demographic information, traits, the details of the person who reported the case, the distinctive traits and demographic information of the suspect, as well as the transportation that the suspect used etc. If the distance between the geographical location of the users and the child’s last seen location is within 160 kilometers, they may receive the photo and the basic information of the missing child and the suspect.


We hope that everyone can show their sense of justice, once issue the amber alert of the information of the missing child on Facebook, people can be more aware of their surroundings, and help to locate the missing child as soon as possible. Through Amber Alert System, everyone can work together to ensure children’s safety and prevent them from being kidnapped.

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